Gym Diary and Client Workout Log Books for Personal Trainers

Our gym diaries are a perfect way to keep your clients on track.

We’ve been making gym diaries for personal trainers, gyms and gym goers for the past five years to track their progress and can provide personal trainers with discount rates when buying in bulk.

Our premium log books come with 100 daily log pages (50 double sided sheets). Each log page has space for the date, notes, 10 weight based exercises, each with spaces for 5 sets of reps and weight and 4 spaces for cardio exercises.

We have now launched a new website specifically for this service which you can find at:
PT Client Log

This page is for ordering client log books mainly for personal trainers. If you are looking to buy a gym diary for yourself then click here to view our customer gym diary.

Branded front cover with your logo, text and colours.

Covers are printed on great quality card and glossy laminated for extra protection.

The cover can be customised with your logo, brand colours and some text.

When you order a free sample, we can match the background colour of the design to complement your logo colour(s) or a colour of your choice.

Intro page

The first page of the book has space for your client to write in their details and the start and end date for the logs.

We also have space on this page to print some text of your choice, this could be your contact details or a general introduction to the book for your clients.

Please note, whilst we do not include any of our branding or copyright notices within these books, we do retain all copyright to the books and therefore you cannot add your own copyright notice or make claims to have made or designed these books.

100 log pages

There are 100 daily log pages (50 double sided sheets) in the gym diary.

Each log page has space for the date, notes, 10 weight based exercises, each with spaces for 5 sets of reps and weight and 4 spaces for cardio exercises.

Additional pages

In addition to the log pages, there are 5 sets of 4-week workout planner spreads, 8 favourite workout routines and a couple of notes pages.

Affordable bulk order pricing

You can purchase our gym diaries in quantities of 10. Our branded gym diaries are made to order so dispatch times can be from 1 – 3 weeks depending on how many you order. We have limited capacity for orders of more than 50, please get in touch if you would like to enquire about placing a larger order.

Number of books Price Delivery within
10 books £75 Typically within 1 week
20 books £140 Typically within 2 weeks
30 books £195 Typically within 2 weeks
40 books £240 Typically within 3 weeks
50 books £275 Typically within 3 weeks

How the process works

Making sure that you’re happy with your diaries is our first priority, we have a clear process to make sure that happens.


Customise your cover

Customise the cover with your logo, background colour and some text.


Customise the intro page

Customise the intro page with a message for your clients.


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We allow reselling of our products to your clients or within a gym setting. If you wish to sell our products to the general public then you’ll need to get permission from us to do so, we assess this on a case by case basis to ensure that you aren't competing directly with our gym diaries that we sell to the general public.

You cannot claim to have designed or made these products yourself. however you do not need to disclose that we made them if you do not wish to.

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